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Locally sourced ingredients

We serve locally sourced ingredients. Why? Easy! we believe that using fresh, locally grown products not only tastes better but is better for the environment.

By sourcing our ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, we're able to ensure that our food is always fresh, delicious, and in season. We also believe that by supporting local businesses and reducing transportation distances, we help minimize our carbon footprint.

It's all about the flavour too. Using locally sourced ingredients results in better-tasting food. By using fresh, in-season products, we're able to capture the full flavour and nutritional value of each ingredient, resulting in dishes that are bursting with flavour and nutrition.

We're proud to serve locally sourced ingredients and believe you'll taste the difference in every bite.


Our team's favourite burgers

We asked our team for their favourite meals at Mokobo and here are their answers!